the latest news on the port shows things are progressing.

OpenVMS Special Interest Group Announces OpenVMS Spring event in April in Hannover, Germany.

A port of the GNAT ADA Compiler is available for OpenVMS I64

Updated roadmap from VSI showing latest plans and now includes support roadmap

Make space in your diary for OpenVMS Spring with support of VSI as part of IT-Symposium 2017 in Hannover, Germany on 25 - 27 April 2017.

Updated gnv kits: coreutils, gnv_make, ncompress, bzip2, zip, unzip have been announced by John Malmberg

HPE will ship high-end Itanium servers with Kittson in the second half of the year, and the chip will be supported by HP-UX and OpenVMS.

VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) today announced the immediate availability of the production release of VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L1 for the Alpha hardware platform, including Alphas running on x86-based emulators. This OpenVMS Alpha version is based on, and inherits the benefits of, the latest version of VSI OpenVMS Integrity V8.4-2L1, released in September 2016.

This update provides a high level view of their current efforts to port OpenVMS to the Intel x86 hardware platform.

December 2016 is the last shipment of the OpenVMS Alpha Software Products Library and the OpenVMS Alpha Online Documentation Library Packages from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The story continues...

Dear HP PERFDAT users,

the new HP PERFDAT for OpenVMS V4.8 kit supporting VSI OpenVMS V8.4-2 and VSI OpenVMS V8.4-2L1 and the new HP PERFDAT GUI V4.3.1 are now available for download.

For detailed information about the new features and bug-fixes please see

HPE OpenVMS R&D group have set up a YouTube channel dedicated to OpenVMS.

HP OpenVMS Operations Manager HTTPS Agent and SPI Version 8.6 now supports SSL1 v1.0 on OpenVMS.
HP OpenVMS Operations Manager HTTPS Agent and SPI on OpenVMS Alpha is now MPS w/o SE.

Updated VMS Marketing from VSI !

BOLTON, MA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 Original Article Here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/09/prweb13699173.htm